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  • Corporate Workshop

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    Our Corporate Workshops are unique, customized Corporate Yoga programs that are designed to re-energize employees and bring back the fun and joy of working! Often, corporate employees wear a jaded look. It’s the result of years of work stress and continuous deadlines. Total Yoga corporate programs seek to address this issue by treating each session as an un-learning process, and not another corporate skills-learning event!

  • WEIGHT LOSS + Standard Program

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    Win your own weight-loss Battle. With our delicious recipes and easy tips, you're sure to lose weight in no time.
    Our plan is very Scientific, based on factors such as hormonal changes, metabolic rate, and other key metrics to give optimal results.
     We ensures reduction in waist-to-hip ratio, glowing skin, reduction in body fat percentage.We focus on overall well-being and you become disease free and beautiful inside ou.So, you lose weight, but not your charm!!

  • Keep your little ones healthy and hearty, make Fitness fun for them.

    Due to Competition and peer pressure, children today are highly stressed.
    Some students are relaxed even a day before exams and some are stressed weeks before the exams.
    Can the child be relaxed and yet handle all that is needed to be done to excel and meet the parents / school expectations? 
    Absolutely, and yoga helps with that.

    We teach them to go back to their natural ways.

    What do we teach and why? 

    • Yoga Asanas 
    • Pranayama
    • Meditation 
    • Nutrition 

    My child does many activities why
    One more - Yoga? 

    • Every where else your child learns,we make them unlearn.
    • While everyone stimulates your child, we make them Relax.
    • While others make sure your child's eyes are open, we make sure your child's eyes are closed.
    • We are opposite of all other learning.

    They need to Slow down too. 

    • Yoga Techniques activates dormant areas of the Brain through stimulation and relaxation.
    • An alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices.

    It may seem like a long haul, it may not have quick gratification feeling, but it is life transforming.

    Yoga Therapy for Children 
    We provide private yoga therapy for children with special needs and also to help with memory and focus, learning ability improvement, and anxiety and stress problems.

  • Weight Loss Package

    Jump Start your weight loss success with our program,whichever part of the world you are,whatever your lifestyle is,you can join our plan and see some amazing results. Our program will take care of your weight loss while addressing all your health concerns. We aim at a complete modification in lifestyle that steadily conditions you to make healthier choices which can lead to a lifelong wellness. Our Diet Program is a perfect combination of latest scientific nutritional and diet strategies along with effective weight loss exercises. We perform a physical examination,analyze your medical reports and family history and formulate an appropriate program for you to achieve your target.


    • Complete Bodycomposition Analysis.
    • Consultation with Heena via Skype,phone or in person.
    • Safe and Sustainable weight loss through practical and easy to follow diet plans.
    • Quick and Healthy Recipes.
    • Weight loss Exercise training and handouts.
    • Weekly interaction through phone,whats app and mail.
    • Travel guide,Alcohol guide,Wedding and festival guide.
    • Maintenance plan to prevent weight gain.
    • E kit.


    • Safely and effectively lose pounds and inches without starvation and harmful drugs.
    • Build lean muscles.
    • Cleanse away harmful toxins.
    • Boost your metabolism.
    • Improve your Energy.
    • Maintain lasting weight loss.
    • Lifelong learning for a healthy life.

    This program is very effective for-

    • Weight management.
    • Post pregnancy weight loss.
    • PCOD Management.
    • Diabetes Management.
    • Cholestrol Management.
    • Hypertension and Cardiac Problem.
    • Hormonal issues,menopause and Hypothyroidism.

    How it Works

    • Duration-2 Months 
    • Pay and Enroll for the program
    • Book your appointment.
    • Consultation with Heena.
    • Kick start your weight loss journey with us.
    • Lose upto 10kgs* in 60 days.
    • Result may vary from person to person.