Our Happy Clients

  • Isha Koppikar - Bollywood Actress

    Heena is a Star NUtritionist and now a dear Friend!

    I was very sure that I don't want to do any crash dieting when I was going to meet Heena who was highly recommended by my brother Vijay. I had my comeback movies lined up after my baby was born.

    So it was imperative for me to look Fit and Toned.I mentioned to Heena that I love my food and to try not to stop my social outings. I knew it would be a challenge to look lean after a baby and Heena to my surprise  told me that I  can have  carbs as well and eat at parties too and still lose weight:"Just give me 3 months and we'll achieve it".She said

    She gave me an Amazing Diet plan which improved my energy levels and my lean muscles which was important for my action movie .. but most importantly, she made me understand the basics of Eating Right which I could follow Lifelong. Her diet plan is not only helping me lose weight but  has also made me feel and look happier and healthier. Her Green juices have gotten me a healthy glow on my Face.

    Thanks and love you Heena!!!

  • Veena Sabharwal - Home Maker

    I Got rid of 12 kgs in a very natural and easy way without any harmful Suppliments.Thank u for the wonderful results,I am Loving myself

    Her diet plans are excellent and very personalized , with lot of healthy and tasty options so you don't tend to get bored. Its been a very rewarding and happy experience  . A very nice pleasant and totally hands on person always ready to help and answer any kind of queries .


  • Ashok Jain - Businessman

    I am working with her for 5 weeks and i can not tell how her programme has changed my life for the better and I have lost 10kgs which came as a shock to me and everyone around.

    Throughout my life time i have tried many diffrent ways to lose weight and have always failed but with Heena Bhimani, i learned how to understand the food i eat and how my body works.She did not restrict my eating habits rather gave me healthier options. She taught me about food to encourage a healthier life style. She also taught me different exercises so that my body would works more efficiently towards my goal. She has compassion and dedication for her client

    Sweets, Ghee icecream and spicy foods were my comforter and now I am eating healthy and feeling much more energetic and happy.

  • Emrana Sheikh - Working Professional

    She is truly a partner in your fitness transformation journey.

    When I had a scare of borderline high cholesterol in one of my annual medical check ups, Heena helped me through customised diet plan to get my reading back to normal just in one month period.Apart from cholesterol reading, I felt more stronger and fitter.. 
    She redefined the way I integrated my food habits with my lifestyle towards a more healthy being.
    She created new boundaries of flexibility and endurance for me through the yoga lessons.
    While, I embarked on a short diet plan only to get my cholesterol levels normal, but to my surprise I lost good 5 kilo+ and noticed the impact only when everyone around started acknowledging my leaner self.
     She is there to support you at all times and pushes your boundaries in the sweetest tone!

  • Zulfi Bhimani- A perfect kickstart to my weightloss journey

    Heena Bhimani,what can i say about her,she is one positive energy which defeats all the negativity around.

      She has been very helpful to me when it comes to losing weight and being healthy.

    I started losing weight and feeling energetic because of her amazing diet plan and advices.

    She is always ready to help with a smile on her face.

    Thank you so much for always being there for me, your fans and your followers.

    I am always your huge fan,

    Than ,now and Forever!