5 Little Things You Can Do Every Day to Boost Your Health


1) Pre-Plan Your Meals

Planning and preparing your meals for the workday will help you skip vending follow a healthier diet.For snacking in between the m

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Pay attention to these Immune boosting Foods

1. Chicken Soup

Hot chicken soup is our mother’s favourite .We often hear people recommending paya soup or chicken soup in case of running nose.It’s a good th

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Make your own Healthy Salad in just 5 minutes!

Being a Dietitian, the First thing i've been Inevitably asked is if I Eat Salad all Day. Nooo ... I Eat Everything, just that Salad is an Important Part of my Diet. It's Quick and Easy to m

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Go Grab some Black Plum and make your Snacking Healthy.

As I was Passing by this Afternoon i saw a Vendor Selling Black Plum and I Jumped in Joy as I Love the Tangy Taste of it. So I Packed a Bunch of it for my Snacking. Black Plum or Jamun is a great S

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The Dancing Shiva Pose

Parivrtta Hasta Padangustasana-The Dancing Shiva Pose.
In Indian mythology, Shiva is the God of both destruction and transformation.
Shiva manages to find a blissful state of being am

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