Heena Bhimani is a versatile professional with not only expertise in the field of nutrition but in fitness and yoga as well. She is a fitness consultant to many Bollywood celebs, Fortune 500 companies and conducted workshops in JP Morgan Chase,Bombay Stock Exchange, Bay Leaf Hospitality among a few to name .

Given her science background in academics it was relatively easy for her to realize that Exercise and Diet go hand in hand for a holistic fit...read more

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Nutritional Workshop

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard work or costly.Optimal health and wellbeing is achievable whoever you are and however much ever time you have. Our Healthy Eating Workshops are loved by everyone for their informative and interactive style.

Weight Loss Program

Proven Weight Loss Program through Super Foods, Diet & Exercise Plan, Travel Guide, Alcohol Guide, Wedding and festival guide, E kit, Lifetime Maintenance Plan and Mentoring.

Corporate Yoga

Our Corporate Workshops are unique, customized Corporate Yoga programs that are designed to re-energize employees and bring back the fun and joy of working!

Kids Yoga Camp

Keep your little ones healthy and hearty, make Fitness fun for them. It will help them to improve their strength, flexibility activating the internal organs for their optimum growth & development

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