Go Grab some Black Plum and make your Snacking Healthy.

As I was Passing by this Afternoon i saw a Vendor Selling Black Plum and I Jumped in Joy as I Love the Tangy Taste of it. So I Packed a Bunch of it for my Snacking. Black Plum or Jamun is a great Summer Fruit, packed with Vitamin C and Antioxidants, it is a great Immune Booster, Protecting against Infections,Sore Throat,Cough and Cold.

Vitamin C in Jamun has been proven to be Effective in Dental Problems, it helps in Healing Wounds and Prevent Bleeding Gums. It has an Amazing Anti Ageing Effect on Skin as it helps in Production of Collagen.It also Aid in Skin Regeneration and Improves Skin Texture. Applying Jamun Seed Powder to Skin can help in Fading Scars and Blemishes. Being low in Glycemic Index, Jamun is a Healthy Snack for all of us, especially for people who have Diabetes Type 2 and it is known to have Anti Diabetic Properties too. It is also very helpful in Hypertension as it is high in potassium.

Jamun being High in Iron Aids the Production of Healthy Blood Cells and Purifies the Blood. So What are you Waiting for,  Go Grab some Black Plum and make your Snacking Healthy.